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20 Strong Female Dog Names from Mythology and History

Strong Female Dog Names from Mythology and History

Dogs have been our companions for centuries, and we often look to various sources for inspiration when naming them. One popular source is mythology and history, which offer a wealth of strong and meaningful names for our furry friends.

In this article, we explore some of the best names for female dogs that are inspired by mythology and history.


Strong Female Dog Names from Mythology

Mythology is rich with powerful, brave, and intelligent female goddesses and heroes that make excellent choices for dog names. Here are some examples:

1.1 Ancient Mythology

In ancient mythology, goddesses played a crucial role in the lives of people, controlling various aspects of nature, love, and war.

Here are some names inspired by ancient mythology:

– Amaterasu: A Japanese sun goddess

– Artemis: The Greek goddess of hunting, the wilderness, and childbirth

– Bast: The Egyptian goddess of cats, fertility, and joy

– Ereshkigal: The Mesopotamian goddess of death and the underworld

– Frigg: The Norse goddess of marriage, fertility, and domestication

– Hella: The Norse goddess of death and the underworld

– Ishtar: The Mesopotamian goddess of love, fertility, and war

– Ixchel: The Mayan goddess of the moon, childbirth, and weaving

– Kali: The Hindu goddess of time, destruction, and rebirth

– Liu Hnh: A Chinese goddess of light, fertility, and protector of children

– Loviatar: The Finnish goddess of pain, suffering, and diseases

– Minerva: The Roman goddess of wisdom, medicine, poetry, and crafts

– Parvati: The Hindu goddess of love, fertility, and devotion

– Pele: The Hawaiian goddess of fire, volcanoes, and lightning

– Sekhmet: The Egyptian goddess of war, hunting, and plagues

– Themis: The Greek goddess of law, order, and justice

– Tiamat: The Babylonian goddess of chaos and the sea

– Tin Hau: A Chinese goddess of the sea and protector of sailors

1.2 Examples of Names

Here are some examples of strong female dog names inspired by ancient mythology:

– Ammy: A nickname for Amaterasu

– Artie: A nickname for Artemis

– Bastet: The full name of Bast

– Eresh: A nickname for Ereshkigal

– Friggie: A nickname for Frigg

– Helly: A nickname for Hella

– Ishty: A nickname for Ishtar

– Ixie: A nickname for Ixchel

– Kali: The full name of Kali

– Liu: A nickname for Liu Hnh

– Lovie: A nickname for Loviatar

– Minnie: A nickname for Minerva

– Parvy: A nickname for Parvati

– Peli: A nickname for Pele

– Sekh: A nickname for Sekhmet

– Themie: A nickname for Themis

– Tia: A nickname for Tiamat

– Tinnie: A nickname for Tin Hau

2. Strong Female Dog Names from History

History is also full of strong women who have made a significant impact on the world.

Here are some names inspired by women from history:

2.1 Real-world Role Models

Here are some of the most inspiring women throughout history whose names make perfect choices for your strong and powerful dog:

– Althea (Gibson): A pioneering tennis player, and the first African American to win a Grand Slam title

– Anne (Hutchinson): A religious leader who defied societal norms and fought for women’s rights in the early Massachusetts Bay Colony

– Boudica: A warrior queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the Roman Empire

– Ching Shih: A Chinese pirate lord who commanded a fleet of over 300 ships and was feared by the British, Portuguese, and Qing Chinese governments

– Cleopatra: The last Egyptian pharaoh, who ruled with intelligence, cunning, and political savviness

– Harriet (Tubman): An escaped slave who became a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad and helped over 300 enslaved people to freedom

– Hatshepsut: A pharaoh who ruled Egypt during the New Kingdom period and was known for her brilliant building projects, diplomacy, and military campaigns

– Hester (Stanhope Cooke): A businesswoman and philanthropist who founded an orphanage and a women’s hospital in Birmingham

– Hypatia: A philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who taught advanced concepts to both men and women during the Greek Roman period in Alexandria, Egypt

– Ida (B. Wells): A journalist and activist who fought against racism, segregation, and lynching in the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries

– Joan (of Arc): A French heroine who led the French army to several victories during the Hundred Years’ War and was later burned at the stake for heresy

– Khutulun: A Mongolian princess who defied gender roles by becoming a wrestler and warrior, and defeating many male opponents

– Lozen: An Apache warrior and spiritual leader who fought alongside Geronimo during the Apache Wars

– Mileva (Mari): A Serbian physicist who co-authored several papers with her husband, Albert Einstein, and potentially contributed to his famous theory of relativity

– Mirabal: Four sisters from the Dominican Republic who were activists against the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo and were assassinated in 1960

– Ora (Washington): A businesswoman who founded the first African American bank in the United States, the Independent Savings and Loan Association

– Tamar: A queen of Georgia who expanded the kingdom’s borders and improved its cultural and economic standing during the 12th and 13th centuries

2.2 Examples of Names

Here are examples of some strong dog names inspired by women from history:

– Althea: The full name of Althea Gibson

– Annie: A nickname for Anne Hutchinson

– Boudi: A nickname for Boudica

– Ching: The full name of Ching Shih

– Cleo: A nickname for Cleopatra

– Harriet: The full name of Harriet Tubman

– Hattie: A nickname for Hatshepsut

– Hester: The full name of Hester Stanhope Cooke

– Hypa: A nickname for Hypatia

– Ida: The full name of Ida B.


– Joan: The full name of Joan of Arc

– Khutu: A nickname for Khutulun

– Loz: A nickname for Lozen

– Mil: A nickname for Mileva Mari

– Mira: A nickname for the Mirabal sisters

– Ora: The full name of Ora Washington

– Tami: A nickname for Tamar


Warrior queens, powerful gods, and inspiring leaders – mythology and history offer us a plethora of strong and meaningful names for our pets. Picking a name from these sources is not only a unique way of naming your pet but also gives them a sense of identity, representing awe-inspiring and powerful figures.

We hope these names inspired by mythology and history help you find the perfect name for your own strong and powerful dog. 3.

Strong Female Dog Names based on Superheroines

Superheroines are a perfect source of inspiration for female dog names, with their courage, power, and determination. Here are some superheroine names that will make your female dog feel like a true hero:

3.1 Superheroines

Here are some popular superheroines that make great name choices for your courageous canine companion:

– Carol (Danvers): Also known as Captain Marvel, she is a powerful hero with superhuman strength and the ability to fly.

She is also a former pilot and a skilled fighter. – Diana (Prince): AKA Wonder Woman – an Amazonian warrior princess who possesses superhuman strength, agility, and durability.

She is one of the founding members of the Justice League. – Elektra: A master assassin who is highly skilled in martial arts and is known for her agility, stealth, and accuracy.

She is a love interest of the Marvel superhero Daredevil. – Harley (Quinn): A former psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker and became his partner in crime.

She is known for her acrobatic skills, unpredictability, and signature mallet. – Kamala (Khan): Also known as Ms. Marvel, she is a Pakistani-American teenager with shape-shifting abilities.

She is known for her bravery, her desire to help others, and her humor. – Natasha (Romanoff): AKA Black Widow, she is a highly trained spy and assassin with exceptional fighting skills.

She is also an ally of the Avengers. – Shuri: The younger sister of the Black Panther and a genius inventor with a passion for technology.

She is known for her intellect, bravery, and resourcefulness. – Valkyrie: A powerful Asgardian warrior with superhuman strength, stamina, and durability.

She is also skilled in sword-fighting and is a member of the Avengers. – Wanda (Maximoff): AKA Scarlet Witch, she is a mutant with the power to manipulate reality.

She is known for her strength, her desire to protect her loved ones, and her tragic history. 3.2 Examples of Names

Here are some examples of strong names inspired by superheroines:

– Carol: The full name of Carol Danvers

– Diana: The full name of Diana Prince

– Elektra: The full name of Elektra

– Harley: The full name of Harley Quinn

– Kammy: A nickname for Kamala Khan

– Natasha: The full name of Natasha Romanoff

– Shuri: The full name of Shuri

– Valkyrie: The full name of Valkyrie

– Wanda: The full name of Wanda Maximoff


Female Dog Names That Mean Strong

Here are some names that mean strong, which are perfect for female dogs with a strong personality and character. 4.1 Names with Meanings

Each of these names comes with a meaning that is related to strength:

– Adira: Means strong in Hebrew

– Alexandra: Means defender of mankind in Greek

– Asta: Means love in Swedish, but also means strong in Old Norse

– Azima: Means powerful in Arabic

– Bernadette: Means strong as a bear in German

– Cassandra: Means she who entangles men in Greek mythology, but also means strength in Greek

– Everette: Means strong as a boar in French

– Fallon: Means leader in Irish, but also means strong in Celtic

– Finley: Means fair-haired hero in Irish, but also means strong warrior in Celtic

– Isa: Means strong-willed in German

– Jasira: Means bold and courageous in Arabic

– Kainda: Means strong chief in African

– Karleen: Means strong woman in German

– Katana: Means sword in Japanese, a symbol of strength and power

– Lenna: Means lion’s strength in Middle English

– Matilda: Means strength in battle in German

– Minka: Means strong-willed in German

– Neera: Means strong in Greek

– Valentina: Means strength and health in Latin

– Valeria: Means strong and healthy in Latin

4.2 Examples of Names

Here are examples of strong names inspired by their meanings:

– Adi: A nickname for Adira

– Alex: A nickname for Alexandra

– Asta: The full name of Asta

– Azzy: A nickname for Azima

– Bernie: A nickname for Bernadette

– Cassie: A nickname for Cassandra

– Ever: A nickname for Everette

– Fally: A nickname for Fallon

– Finn: A nickname for Finley

– Isa: The full name of Isa

– Jasi: A nickname for Jasira

– Kaida: A nickname for Kainda

– Karla: A nickname for Karleen

– Kat: A nickname for Katana

– Lena: A nickname for Lenna

– Mati: A nickname for Matilda

– Mink: A nickname for Minka

– Nee: A nickname for Neera

– Val: A nickname for Valentina or Valeria.


Choosing a strong, meaningful name for your female dog helps to reflect their strong and unique personalities. Whether from mythology, history, superheroines, or name meanings, there are numerous options to choose from.

We hope this article helps you find that perfect name for your furry friend, one that truly embodies their strength and courage. In summary, this article has highlighted four categories of strong and meaningful names for female dogs: names based on goddesses and heroes from mythology, superheroines from comics, women from history, and names that mean strong.

Each category offers a variety of options that reflect power, courage, and character. Choosing the right name for your furry friend is important as it reflects their individuality and personality.

We hope this article has provided inspiration for finding the perfect name for your strong and powerful female dog. Remember that these names are not only unique but also an excellent way to instill confidence in your dog and highlight their inner strength.

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