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Discover the Benefits of Pet CBD with Medterra

The Benefits of Pet CBD

As pet owners, we are keen on ensuring the health and wellness of our furry friends. This is why the increasing use of CBD for pets is garnering attention in the pet market.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that is extracted from the hemp plant, and is now available in many forms for pets. The potential benefits of pet CBD include anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac effects, appetite stimulation, and even cancer-fighting ingredients.

In this article, we explore the benefits of pet CBD, in addition to introducing Medterra, a company that produces high-quality CBD products.

Increasing Use of CBD for Pets

CBD is gaining popularity in the pet market, and for good reason. It works to alleviate many of the symptoms that pets experience.

Secondhand anxiety is a common problem in homes with pets. This is because the anxiety or stress experienced by owners transfers to their pets.

Fortunately, CBD can help with this problem by reducing anxiety-related disorders in pets.

Pet Anxiety and Stress

CBD can help alleviate anxiety in pets by regulating their mood and encouraging relaxation. This is excellent news for pets preparing for a long journey, loud events, moving to a new house, or even loud storms.

As a result, using CBD reduces stress and improves the overall quality of life for pets.

Potential Benefits of Pet CBD

In addition to reducing anxiety, CBD boasts a vast range of other benefits specifically benefiting pets. For example, it can work as an anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation and subsequent pain.

It has also been shown to have cardiac effects, facilitating blood flow and promoting cardiovascular health. Additionally, CBD can be an effective appetite stimulant, encouraging pets to eat, which can be beneficial for pets that need to gain weight or for those recovering from an illness.

Finally, some of the compounds in CBD may help in the fight against cancer, potentially even slowing down tumor growth.

About Medterra

Medterra specializes in producing high-quality CBD products for humans and pets. Their company was established in 2017, and they have since become a leader in the industry.

They offer products that are U.S. grown and produced, and are part of the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. They are also US Hemp Authority certified, which guarantees that their products are subjected to rigorous third-party testing to verify their quality and potency.

Features of Medterra Pet CBD

If you’re interested in using CBD to treat your pet, it’s important to ensure you are selecting a product of high quality. Medterra offers a few different options so that pet owners can choose a product that works best for their furry friend.

Some of the variations of CBD products offered to pets include chews and drops. Their products are also free of THC, meaning your pet will not experience any unwanted psychoactive effects.

Price and Product Bundle

Medterra prices its products reasonably, based on the specific product and size. Their offerings range from small to large and can be purchased alone or as part of a bundle.

For instance, Medterra offers a bundle of its Pet CBD tincture and dog chews, which is an excellent value.



CBD may seem like a mystery to some pet owners, but the compound is becoming more and more common as an effective supplement for pets. CBD can help to reduce anxiety and stress in pets, as well as supporting their overall health and wellness.

Medterra is an excellent source of high-quality CBD products for pets, that are affordable and well-recognized in the industry. If you’re considering a supplement for your pet, we highly recommend trying some Medterra products.

Medterra Product Test: Calming Chews

Pets are very loving and affectionate companions, but sometimes they can feel anxious or overly energetic, causing discomfort for both the pet and their owners. This is where Medterra’s Calming Chews can come in handy, offering pets essential plant extracts and natural ingredients to help them feel calm and relaxed.

In this article, we will test Medterra’s Calming Chews on a Doberman, disclosing the dosage guidance, flavor, and ingredients used.

Testing with Doberman

We tested the Calming Chews on a Doberman named Gus, who is particularly active and energetic. During his walks, Gus would often be too excited to focus on the commands, causing anxiety.

We decided to test the Calming Chews by giving Gus one chew around 30 minutes before his walk. To our surprise, Gus walked calmly and paid close attention to commands during his walk.

The calming effect brought on by the chews helped Gus keep his energy at an optimal level and maintain his focus throughout the walk. The Calming Chews truly did what they advertised to do, making Gus’s walk enjoyable for him and his owner.

Dosage Guidance

Dosage guidance can vary depending on the pet’s size, breed, and overall health condition. Medterra provides an easy-to-use Pet Dosage Calculator to guide pet owners on the recommended maintenance dose, as well as the advanced dosing for more severe cases.

It’s important to speak with a veterinarian before adding any new supplements to your pet’s diet, as they can provide tailored recommendations for your pet’s specific needs.

Grain-Free and Salmon-Flavored

Medterra’s Calming Chews are grain-free and salmon-flavored, making them a healthier and delicious alternative to similar supplements on the market. The product contains non-GMO ingredients, such as L-Tryptophan, chamomile, and valerian root, which help calm and soothe pets who suffer from stress and anxiety.

L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps the brain create serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to regulate mood, memory, and circadian rhythms. Chamomile helps soothe and relax the nervous system, promoting better sleep patterns and digestion.

Valerian root has been used in traditional medicine to treat anxiety, insomnia, and stress for centuries. By combining these natural elements, Medterra was able to create an effective and safe product for pets that help to keep them calm and relaxed.

Medterra Product Test: CBD Drops

Medterra offers a wide range of pet supplements to cater to different needs, including their dog-friendly CBD Drops. This product is designed to help pets recover from physical strain, reduce the effects of separation anxiety, and calm anxiousness.

In this product test, we will report on our experience using Medterra’s CBD Drops on a Doberman, sharing insights on the product’s taste, effectiveness, and joint soothing properties.

Testing with Doberman

We tested Medterra’s CBD Drops on a Doberman named Ruby, who had been experiencing significant separation anxiety and was anxious in new environments. Initially, Ruby was hesitant about the taste of the drops and took some time to adjust, but once she got used to the beef-flavored supplement, the calming effects became evident.

Ruby’s anxiety slowly subsided, and she appeared more at ease in new environments and situations. We also noticed that the CBD Drops helped her recover from swimming-related strains, allowing her to remain active and energetic.

The CBD Drops offered a more natural and effective alternative to prescription medication, leaving Ruby much more relaxed and calm.

Beef Flavor

Medterra’s CBD Drops feature a beef flavor, which makes the supplement more palatable and simple to administer to pets. Providing a tasty supplement to pets increases the chances of them enjoying their supplements and strengthens the bond between pets and their owners.

Medterra Joint Support Chews

Medterra’s Joint Support Chews offer joint-soothing benefits and are available in peanut butter flavor, so there is an option for pets who may have beef allergies or preferences. The product contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, which work together to ease joint pain, improve mobility, and reduce inflammation.

Joint pain is common in older pets, but it can also affect younger pets, especially those who are active and athletic. Medterra’s Joint Support Chews are a natural and effective way to support joint health in pets, helping them maintain an active lifestyle and continue to enjoy walks, playtime, and other activities.


Medterra is committed to providing high-quality and effective pet supplements, and our tests on its Calming Chews, CBD Drops, and Joint Support Chews proved to be very successful. The products offered by Medterra are safe, natural, and free from harsh chemicals and prescription drugs.

These pet-specific formulations can help maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle for pets and their owners. Medterra Product Test: Joint Support Chews

Joint health is essential for pets as they age, and joint pain can significantly affect their mobility.

Medterra’s Joint Support Chews offer a natural and tasty way to support your pet’s joint health. In this product test, we will test Medterra’s Joint Support Chews on a Rat Terrier, sharing insights on the testing process, dosage guidance, and the product’s effectiveness.

Testing with Rat Terrier

We tested the Joint Support Chews on a Rat Terrier named Pip, who had been slowing down and finding it challenging to climb stairs. Upon introducing the Joint Support Chews into his diet, we noticed a significant difference in his mobility.

Pip seemed to move around with more ease and had no trouble with stairs. The chews appeared to make his movements smoother, and he seemed much more comfortable and less hesitant to engage in daily activities.

Dosage Splitting

It’s crucial to administer the correct dose of a supplement to your pet, and many products available could have different dosage suggestions depending on the pet’s size and breed. Fortunately, Medterra provides clean split dosages for their Joint Support Chews.

Our experience with Pip was useful, and we split his dosage of a chew in half since he is a small dog. His body weight calculation allowed us to determine the right size of the designated chew, with half a chew being equivalent to his dosage.

Things to Consider

Giving CBD for the First Time

If it’s your first time using CBD for your pet’s joint pain or anxiety, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. It’s essential to start with a small dose and increase gradually to avoid any negative effects.

The starting dose of CBD supplements depends on the pet’s weight, so it’s necessary to consult a veterinarian or refer to a pet dosage calculator before beginning any new supplements.

Long-term Use

It’s vital to maintain a regular dosage of supplements to see optimal results, and Medterra’s Joint Support Chews are meant for long-term use. It’s also essential to stick to one consistent product and dosing regimen, to ensure that the supplements are effective and consistent.

A veterinarian consultation is recommended to help design a suitable treatment plan to address your pet’s specific needs.

Expectations and Results

While joint supplements can provide relief to pets with joint pain, it’s important to be realistic about the results. It can take time for supplements to be effective and that there is a possibility of mild calming effects that may decrease over time.

Additionally, if pets are experiencing severe pain, owners may need to combine supplements with other veterinary treatments for optimal results.


Pet owners want their pets to feel comfortable and live healthy lives, and supplements like Medterra’s Joint Support Chews offer an effective and natural way to support joint health. Our experiences with testing the Calming Chews, CBD Drops, and Joint Support Chews highlighted the benefits that these supplements can offer.

While using supplements, it’s crucial to take into account various factors and consult with a veterinarian to determine the best supplement and dosage for optimal results. Medterra offers high-quality products that cater to different pet needs and are a great option for pet owners who want to provide the best for their furry friends.

Our Verdict

Medterra’s pet products received positive results from our testing with various pets. The Calming Chews and CBD Drops effectively reduced anxiety and stress levels, while the Joint Support Chews provided joint-soothing properties and improved mobility for older pets.

In this article, we will provide a summary of our results and share our thoughts on the limitations of CBD and realistic expectations when it comes to using it for pets.

Summary of Results

Medterra’s Calming Chews and CBD Drops provided mild calming effects for our pets, resulting in reduced anxiety levels and improved focus. The Joint Support Chews were efficient in promoting joint health and reducing joint pain, making daily activities for older pets more manageable.

The pet dosage calculator and designated size of the chews allowed for an efficient and accurate dosage calculation. Overall, we found Medterra’s pet products to be very useful in many ways.

They are a healthier, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and more invasive forms of treatment, making them an ideal solution for various pet issues.

Limitations and Realistic Expectations

While Medterra’s pet products showed positive results in our testing, it’s important to keep in mind that CBD and supplements are not cure-alls for pets. The effects of CBD can vary between pets, and it may not work for everyone.

Additionally, CBD has specific limitations in terms of treating severe or life-threatening diseases. Furthermore, it’s important to be realistic about the expectations that come with using CBD for pets.

CBD is not a quick fix and may take time to show visible results. The effects of CBD are cumulative and often show up over 2-4 weeks of consistent dosage.

Patience is key when using CBD for pets. It’s also important to remember that every pet is unique, and there may be underlying health issues that can prevent the effectiveness of CBD.

Factors such as a pet’s DNA, age, and lifestyle can affect the efficiency of the supplement and how it interacts with the body.


Medterra’s pet products are a great option for pet owners looking to support their pet’s health naturally. Calming Chews, CBD Drops, and Joint Support Chews have shown positive results in reducing anxiety and stress levels, improving mobility, and promoting overall wellness.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind the limitations of CBD and be mindful of realistic expectations when using supplements. It is always advisable to consult with a veterinarian before administering any kind of supplement or medication to your pet.

In conclusion, Medterra’s pet products offer a natural and effective way to support pet health and wellness. The Calming Chews, CBD drops, and Joint Support Chews have proven their ability to reduce anxiety and stress, improve mobility, and ease joint pain.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations of CBD and to set realistic expectations. It’s important to maintain the recommended dosage, consult a veterinarian, and be patient to see the results of CBD supplementation.

With proper use, Medterra’s pet products can help promote long-term pet health and well-being.

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