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Pawsitively Talented: The Unbreakable Bond Between Mary Peters and Secret

Mary Peters and Secret: Pawsitively Talented

Mary Peters and her Australian shepherd, Secret, have become internet sensations with their incredible and awe-inspiring talents. From Secret’s impressive painting skills to her acro yoga moves, there’s no denying that Secret is one talented pup.

But what sets her apart from other dogs is the unique bond she shares with Mary Peters. In this article, we will take a closer look at Secret’s training, amazing feats, and the special connection she has with her owner.

Secret’s Training and Skills

Puppy Training

Mary Peters trained Secret using positive reinforcement, a training technique that rewards good behavior instead of punishing the bad. Secret learned basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come through force-free training techniques.

This method emphasizes treat distribution and voice commands to entice and motivate the dog to perform desirable behaviors without the use of harsh or physical intervention.

Distraction Training

Distraction training was a significant aspect of Secret’s training, teaching her to concentrate on her handler amid various distractions. This training technique primarily involves teaching your dog to focus on you, despite there being other things in the environment that might grab its attention.

By gradually ramping up the level of distractions and encouraging the dog to resist temptations, the dog’s response to commands over time excellent.


An unusual talent, Secret is a self-taught painter who creates beautiful art pieces that Mary Peters sells to raise money for charity. In her painting, Secret dips her paws in paint and scampers across the canvass to create beautiful artwork.

Peters’ positive reinforcement training skills help Secret achieve her artistic goals.


Secret is an accomplished agility competitor, competing in the American Kennel Club (AKC) Nationals, experiencing several stellar performances. With Peters’ coaching, Secret has won numerous titles in several different agility competitions.

Jump Roping

Peters also taught Secret to jump rope with two people, another impressive talent. Secret jumps back and forth over the rope while Peters twirls the rope.


Secret loves to dance and has been trained in several dance routines. She has even competed in a “

Dancing with the Stars” dog competition, showing off her impressive dance moves.

Scooter Riding

Mary Peters trained Secret to ride on a scooter. She can be seen coasting around on the scooter, balancing perfectly and holding it with her paws.

Secret’s Yoga Practice


Secret is also an incredibly flexible dog and practices “doga,” a type of yoga where dog and owner perform yoga postures together. This activity is a fantastic bonding experience for both owner and dog, promoting calmness and balance.

The practice of doga is also known to help dogs with anxiety, and Secret uses this technique before competing to calm her nerves.

Balance And Focus

Doga is a balancing-based activity. Secret balances on a yoga ball under Peters’ supervision, further strengthening their bond and promoting mutual trust.

Secret learns to concentrate on their movements, and her activity help improve focus and concentration.

Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek is another important aspect of Secret’s training and an activity the two do during their yoga sessions. Mary hides, and Secret goes to find her, promoting assertiveness, mental stimulation, and focus.

Trust Falls and Swing Pushing

Doga also includes trust falls and swing pushing. Peters stands behind Secret, and Secret falls back into Peters’ arms, promoting bond-building and trust.

Peters also pushes Secret on a swing, promoting balance and coordination. Secret’s Amazing Feats

Acro Yoga

Mary and Secret perform acro yoga moves, demonstrating incredible trust and coordination. Peters balances on her hands and holds out her legs while Secret balances on her hands.


Secret balances on top of a large ball while Peters supports her on the sides. Peters rolls the ball, and Secret manages to keep her balance, demonstrating her incredible balancing skills.

Trust Falls

Secret and Peters perform trust falls, another demonstration of their bond. Peters stands behind Secret and calls her, directing her where to fall, and Secret falls back into her loving arms.

The Bond Between Peters And Secret

Trust And Unconditional Love

Peters and Secret’s bond is built through spending time together and training together. Their training and activities require a significant amount of time and effort, resulting in an unbreakable, trusting, and mutually loving connection.

Service Dog Training

Mary Peters trained Secret as a service dog for her son, who is on the autism spectrum. The bond between Secret and Peters is built on a foundation of mutual trust and necessary care for their autistic son.

Secret’s presence provides comfort, stability, and serves as an essential support system to her son.

In Conclusion

Mary Peters and her Australian shepherd, Secret, are an incredible pair of talented and loving individuals. Their unique bond, combined with their extraordinary accomplishments, has undoubtedly captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

From Secret’s painting talents to her acro yoga moves and Peters’ training techniques, they have set the bar high for dogs everywhere. It’s no secret that this unstoppable duo is unstoppable in groundbreaking worthy new feats.

Peters’ Background and Social Media Presence

Mary Peters is a homeschooling mother of four who has been training dogs for over 20 years. Her love for dogs started when she was a child, and her family always had dogs around the house.

Peters’ passion for training dogs to reach their fullest potential led her down the path of competition and creating unique and impressive talents for the dogs she trains. Alongside her successful training career, Peters has built an impressive online following, with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Her active social media presence involves posting photos and videos of her dogs performing incredible feats, personal moments with her family, and homeschooling anecdotes. Peters uses her social media platforms to showcase her lifestyle and inspire others to live their best lives while staying true to their passions.

Peters’ Instagram account consists of colorful and vibrant photos that showcase her family’s life. The images range from pictures of the family playing with the dogs to exciting outdoor adventures like hiking and camping.

She also uses her platform to share her homeschooling experiences, providing advice for other parents who home-school their kids. Mary Peters’ Instagram page creates a sense of community, where her followers get an in-depth look into her life, creating a unique connection with her fans.

Secret’s Popularity and Viral Videos

Secret and her incredible talents have become a viral sensation on the internet. The relationship between Peters and Secret has captivated audiences worldwide, with their impressive acro yoga performances and Secret’s incredible painting talents.

It’s no wonder that the talented duo has become a viral superstar, with millions of adoring fans. Secret is not just popular on Instagram, but also on other social media platforms.

With over 1 million followers on her TikTok account, it’s clear that her talent and charm have captured the hearts of many. Secret became an internet sensation with her unique and impressive talents that include obstacle courses, painting, and acro yoga.

One of the videos that catapulted Secret to internet stardom is one where she shows off her painting skills. The video has over 71 million views and shows Secret dipping her paws in paint and creating a masterpiece on a canvas.

This video went viral in a matter of days and garnered worldwide attention, reaching millions of people all over the globe. The dynamic duo also shared another memorable video of them practicing acro yoga and balancing routines.

The video showcases Peters and Secret performing acro yoga while balancing in various positions, demonstrating incredible coordination and trust. The video has since gone viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of views and making Secret one of the most popular yoga influencers on social media.

Overall, the internet has welcomed Secret with open arms, and her rise to fame is a testament to her incredible talent and bond with Peters. She has brought so much joy and happiness to millions of people worldwide and continues to inspire her fans daily with her unique and impressive skills.

In Conclusion

Mary Peters and Secret’s journey from a training duo to internet superstars is a story that warms many hearts. With Peters’s passion for training and Secret’s natural talent, the team turned heads and won hearts as they took the world by storm.

Peters has built a vibrant online presence, with her Insta followers coming in droves, inspired by her a tale of chasing her dreams. Secret, on the other hand, has become an internet sensation, creating viral videos that showcase her incredible talent and unbreakable bond with Peters.

Their journey is an inspiration to many, and they continue to inspire their fans every day with their unique skills and exciting adventures. Mary Peters and her Australian shepherd, Secret, have taken the internet by storm with their awe-inspiring talents and unbreakable bond.

Peters’ positive reinforcement training and distraction training techniques were instrumental in Secret’s incredible achievements, such as its painting, scooter riding, and yoga skills. Their popularity on social media platforms is nothing short of phenomenal, with millions of followers admiring their inspirational journey.

Mary Peters and Secret have indeed captured the world’s hearts and have left a lasting impression on many dog owners, reminding us of the importance of love, patience, and positive reinforcement in animal training.

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