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The Anxious Pet: Effective Calming Supplements for Anxious Dogs

The Anxious Pet – Calming Supplements for Anxious Dogs

It’s no secret that many dogs suffer from anxiety. Anxiety in dogs results in a range of behaviors, such as nonstop barking, destructive chewing, and trembling.

Almost 50% of dogs experience anxiety at some point in their lives. That’s why many pet owners turn to calming supplements to ease their pets’ stress and anxiety.

This article will discuss the causes of anxiety in dogs, the benefits of using calming supplements, as well as introduce The Anxious Pet, a company that provides veterinarian-formulated calming products.

Prevalence of Anxiety in Dogs

Many studies show that dogs are vulnerable to anxiety disorders. The University of Lincoln conducted a study on 1,681 dogs in the UK, which found 50% of dogs showed signs of anxiety.

A similar study of over 15,000 dogs in the United States also found that nearly half of the dogs exhibited signs of anxiety.

Common Causes of Anxiety in Dogs and the Need for Calming Supplements

Loud noises, separation anxiety, and new situations are some of the common causes of anxiety in dogs. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and loud music can trigger anxiety in dogs and cause them to cower or hide.

Separation anxiety also causes stress in dogs and results in unwanted behaviors such as urinating, howling, or barking. Other unpredictable situations like meeting new people, other dogs, or going to the vet can also be stressful for dogs.

Calming supplements for dogs can help alleviate their anxiety. These supplements are formulated to reduce stress levels and relieve dogs of their anxiety symptoms.

CBD and hemp oil are common calming supplements used in pets, and they have shown promising results in reducing anxiety in dogs.

Benefits of Using Calming Supplements for Dogs

The use of calming supplements has shown to be safe and effective in reducing anxiety in pets. Calming chews infused with CBD or hemp oil are some of the popular calming supplements used in pets.

These chews are often formulated with natural ingredients that work together to ease anxiety and stress in dogs. CBD extracts derived from hemp plants are known to reduce anxiety levels and induce a calming effect in dogs.

The Anxious Pet -to the Company and Their Products

The Anxious Pet is a US-based pet company that offers veterinarian-formulated calming products for dogs. They specialize in producing high-quality CBD and hemp oil products that are safe and effective in reducing anxiety and stress levels in dogs.

Their products are third-party tested for purity, quality, and potency and are formulated with safe, natural ingredients. The Anxious Pet prides itself on using only the best ingredients so that pet owners can trust them to care for their pets.

Product Line Overview and How They Can Help Dogs

The Anxious Pet offers a range of CBD and hemp oil products to help calm anxious dogs. Their products include hemp oils, Relax & Roll calming soft chews, Hip & Hop joint supplements, and CBD Pet Tincture.

These products help to reduce stress levels, alleviate anxiety symptoms, and improve overall well-being. Hemp oils produced by The Anxious Pet are formulated with a full spectrum of phytocannabinoids and are extracted from organically grown plants.

They are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and contain only natural ingredients. The Relax & Roll calming soft chews contain 1mg CBD extract per chew, natural calming agents such as chamomile, and valerian root.

These chews are designed to ease anxiety symptoms and promote a sense of calm for anxious dogs. The Hip & Hop joint supplements are also infused with hemp oil and added turmeric to ease inflammation and support healthy joint function in dogs.

The CBD Pet Tincture offers an easy-to-use solution to provide CBD extracts to anxious dogs. The tincture is formulated to ensure accurate dosing and easy administration makes it an excellent option for dogs that may have difficulty chewing.

Personal Experience and Verdict after Testing The Anxious Pet Products

The products of the Anxious Pet are highly recommended by pet experts and have received outstanding customer reviews. Their products are formulated with safe ingredients and are third-party tested for quality, purity, and potency.


Many owners struggle with their dog’s anxiety and stress levels. The Anxious Pet products provide a safe and effective solution, comprising CBD and hemp oil extracts, to help calm anxious dogs.

The use of calming supplements offers relief to pets and pet owners alike, making them an excellent option for those that want to reduce their dog’s anxiety symptoms. Calming supplements for anxious dogs can help alleviate their stress and reduce anxiety, which is essential to achieving their overall well-being.

Many dogs suffer from anxiety, and the use of safe, effective, and natural calming supplements like CBD and hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular. The Anxious Pet is a trusted provider of veterinarian-formulated calming products that are tested for quality, purity, and potency.

Pet owners can use these products to help their anxious dogs lead happier, more relaxed lives. Ensuring pets’ emotional well-being is a significant responsibility for pet owners, and this can be achieved by providing them with calming supplements to keep them healthy and happy.

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